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Application of Magnetic Therapy

Biological and Therapeutic Functions of magnetised water

As already discussed there are numerous ways to apply magnets to the body. Over the past 7 -10 years magnetic development has been prolific, with suppliers and manufacturers designing devices that will cover virtually every part of the body. It is now relatively easy for a therapist to find a magnetic device to suit almost everyone. Not only is there a wide profusion of devices to choose from they are also available in a multitude of different strengths.

    You may wonder why we need such a wide array of devices in so many different strengths and the answer is the same as to why are there so many different types and strengths of pain killing drugs.
    Every person’s body reacts to substances, chemicals and electrical impulses in a slightly different way. Your doctor may prescribe, for example, Tramadol ( a morphine based pain killer) to one patient with a dose of 50mg four times a day, another patient may be prescribed 100mg four times a day. The reason for this difference in dosage is that the first person metabolises (absorbs) the drug very easily, the second person does not metabolise the drug very easily so the pain relief is not as efficient and they require a stronger dose to feel the same level of pain relief as the first person.
    This principle is exactly the same with magnetic therapy, some people absorb a magnetic field very easily and rapidly and will feel a very dramatic respond in just a day or two. At the other end of the scale a few people absorb a magnetic field very slowly and they will find that they have to persevere for as long as 6 weeks before their body responds to the magnetic field. I might add that this group is very small. There is no average length of time for results as they vary so much between individuals but most people will have felt a result at some point within 2 days-2 weeks of commencing treatment. Just as with drug treatments are tailored to the individual patients needs so should magnetic therapy treatments.

    Hundreds of thousands of people self medicate with over the counter (OTC) medications every day because they do not have the time, can’t get an appointment or simply do not want the inconvenience of going to the doctor. This can often lead to a delay in receiving the correct treatment for their particular ailment. Whilst OTC medication does have an important role to play in healthcare provision they are not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment.

    Exactly the same can be said for therapeutic magnets, they are after all a medical device and should be treated with the same reverence as conventional medical treatments. Thousands of people also self administer magnetic treatments every day. Magnetic devices are now becoming readily available in pharmacies, health food shops and even in shopping centres. Unfortunately it is often the case that the establishment that is selling the magnetic device does not have staff who are trained in magnetic therapy to give advice and information on which is the most appropriate device for each individual and often the staff have virtually no knowledge of the mechanisms by which magnets work.

    This leaves the customer at a loss for trained professional advice and they end up self diagnosing and self medicating and it is no surprise then that the majority of people who but magnetic devices from these types of outlets go home with the wrong device. Just as a chemist has a pharmacist on hand to advise the general public on which OTC medicine is best for them every outlet that sells magnetic devices should have a trained magnetic practitioner to advise customers on which treatment is best for them.

    In a realistic world it may be some quite considerable time before these retail outlets conform and train their staff appropriately, so until such a time as they do we have provided a general guide to using magnets. These are general guidelines only and do not replace an individualised tailored treatment program, whoever if you are unable to access a trained therapist you can follow this general advice for self treatment.

Strength of magnets required

Therapeutic magnets are available in a vast array of strengths, from 500 – 3500 gauss/50-300 m tesla. You may not always require the highest strength magnet, but there is a minimum requirement for healing purposes. The minimum strength per magnet for an adult should be 800 gauss/ 80 m tesla. Magnets with gauss/tesla ratings below this will have difficulty in penetrating through the skin and into the tissues. The strength of magnet required for each individual is dependent on the type of ailment/injury, the severity and the length of time the ailment/injury has been there.

The table below shows approximate ratio of strength of magnet to ailment.

Sprains, strains, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, muscle strains, bruising, tennis elbow, 
minor sports injuries.
Less than 1 year 800 gauss/80 m tesla. Between 4 and 6 magnets encircling the injury
Joint pain (not arthritis pain), mild back pain, swollen joints (not from arthritis or osteoporosis),
frozen shoulder
Less than 2 years 1,200-m 1,700 gauss/120-170 m tesla. Between 6-12 magnets encircling the injury
Spondylosis, sciatica, arthritis, osteoporosis, migraine, insomnia Less than 4 years 2000-2500 gauss /200-250 m tesla. Between 10-25 magnets encircling the injury
Chronic arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, MS, ME Over 5 years 3000-3500 gauss/300-350 m tesla. Between 12 - 125 magnets (depending on the amount different pain points) 
encircling the injury.
Bowel disorders, chronic fatigue, skin disorders. Over 6 months 2,000-2,500 gauss/200-250 m tesla magnet to magnetise water. Drinking at least 4 glasses per
day (a min of 6 glasses for bowel disease)
High blood pressure, stress, poor circulation Over 6 months 2,500-3,000 gauss/ 250-300 m tesla. Between 7-14 magnets worn around the wrist, plus drinking magnetised water (at least 4 glasses a day.)
Diabetes (all types) Over 6 months Drinking magnetised water plus using shoe insoles with a minimum 
of 25,000 gauss/2.5 tesla.

Magnetic devices

As mentioned earlier there is a vast range of magnetic devices to choose from, there are a number of different devices that will all treat the same area of the body. You may wonder why there is a need for more than one device for each area of the body and the answer is that because magnets have to be worn 24 hours a days 7 days a week until the symptoms have been resolved a person has to be totally 100% comfortable with the device they are using or human nature shows that they will not use it. If a strap feels uncomfortable then it is very unlikely that you will wear it all day and all night even though you are aware that it will help you.

In order to combat this problem a wide variety of devices have been devised to ensure that all most everyone will be able to find at least one device to suit them and that they feel they can use 24 hours 7 days a week. 

You may have the strongest healing magnets available but if you do not use them as they are meant to be used you will not feel any benefit what so ever. The vast majority of people who report a failure to receive any beneficial effect from the magnets have not been compliant in their use. Just as a course of antibiotics will only cure an infection if the full course is taken, the same can be said of magnetic treatments, failure to use the magnets until the symptoms have abated will result in a re-occurrence of the problem or worse the problem not resolving at all.

Length of exposure.

Magnets should be worn or used until your symptoms have cleared. If you stop using your magnetic devices before your symptoms have resolved, the inflammation and pain associated with your injury may return very quickly. The best way to use any magnetic device is to continue use for around 3-4 weeks after your symptoms have disappeared. This will allow the magnetic field to ensure that all of your symptoms have been resolved plus encourage new cell growth and healing of soft tissues. There is no maximum length of exposure to magnets, you can safely use magnets for as long as you like. Some people prefer to wear them permanently as they do not want their symptoms to return.
Once your symptoms are alleviated and you stop using your magnets the benefits will remain for a period of time. If your ailment is chronic and has no cure, for example arthritis, the symptoms will eventually return. It is impossible to calculate how long this will take as everybody has a slightly different experience, as a general rule the more severe your condition the sooner the symptoms will return. To prolong the time before your symptoms return you can drink magnetised water on a daily basis, drinking just 4 glasses a day can keep your symptoms from returning for weeks or even months.

Case Study- Vanessa 51 years

For the last 8 years Vanessa has suffered from a very rare syndrome called ‘Stiff man syndrome’, it is a neurological condition that effects muscle control, causing muscle spasms, rigidity and pain. Vanessa’s condition not only affected the large muscles of the body but also the muscle of the face. When Vanessa developed stiff man syndrome her speech began to slur and she had difficulty in forming words. In April 2000 she lost her power of speech altogether, only returning very occasionally for a few minutes or at most a few hours. Vanessa had to communicate via a typewriting speech box. 

Vanessa was first seen in our clinic in August 2004, her loss of speech remained as well as suffering with intense facial spasms which twisted her mouth and left eye. She was not very optimistic about her chances of success with magnets as there were no reported cases of treatment for stiff mans syndrome with magnets. She was how ever very willing to try magnetic treatment as she was finding it difficult to cope with the facial muscle spasms. The most Vanessa hoped for was an easing of the facial spasms.

Vanessa was prescribed individual bar magnets 2,600 gauss/260 m tesla to be placed over the muscles that went into spasm, a magnetic pillow and 4-6 glasses of magnetised water per day. Vanessa was reviewed at 10 days, she had used the bar magnets and the pillow daily and the results were extremely impressive. The facial spasms had completely resolved, plus totally unexpectedly her speech had also returned. Vanessa could not describe how life changing the effects of the magnets was to her. She was once again able to express herself.
Vanessa continued to sleep on the pillow pad but she removed the bar magnets from her face, after regaining her speech for 13 days she became unwell and her speech again deserted her. She immediately replaced the bar magnets and within just 2 hours the spasms had stopped and her speech returned. Vanessa’s speech stayed with her for a few more weeks and she then she once more fell ill, her condition is very debilitating and when an exacerbation occurs her speech is lost very quickly. She desperately wanted to retain her speech so she chose to use a magnetic mattress cover with the hope that the sustained exposure to such high strength magnetic fields would keep her condition in remission. She also drinks magnetised water daily, wears a bracelet and uses a magnetic eye mask for the facial spasms instead of bar magnets.
Vanessa has periods were she feels very well and has her speech, but also still suffers from relapses, were she feels very drained and does lose her speech. She feels that overall there has been a tremendous improvement to her condition within the last 6 months. Since using magnetic therapy Vanessa has had perfect speech for 46 days within the last 6 months, compared with 9 days of speech in the previous 6 months with out using magnets.

Magnetic devices are perfectly safe to use and you can not overdose on magnetism. It is for this reason that they are now widely available over the counter. You can safely use magnets with out the need for medical advice but you may not get the best possible results. If it is at all possible the best way to use magnets is to seek trained professional advice from a magnetic therapist before commencing treatment.
There are a number of trained magnetic therapists in the UK and their details can be found from the CMA (Complementary Medicine Association) or the BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association). Many magnetic therapy suppliers claim to be trained professional but they do not actually hold any recognised qualifications. All trained magnetic therapists will have completed a course which is provided by a college or university which is regulated by either the CMA or BCMA.

If you are unsure about a magnetic therapists’ credentials always ask to see evidence of their qualifications, for example certificates of accreditation. If the therapist can not provide these then they are most likely not a qualified therapist and their advice can not be relied upon.











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