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Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream Is Beneficial For Following Conditions :

           African American Skin Tone Lightening
           Brightens Skin Texture For Ethnic Brown Skin
           Melasma Cure & Prevention
           Reduces Freckles Naturally
           Evens Out Skin Complexion
           Reduce The Appearance Of Hyper Pigmented Skin Such As :
               Facial Brown Spots
               Age Spots On Face
               Sun Spots & UV Skin Discoloration
               Discolored Skin Patches
               Liver Spots On Face & Body

Meladerm For Sensitive & Private Areas

Skin around private areas is very sensitive & extreme care needs to be taken before bleaching. Meladerm is made from natural ingredients & has absolutely no side effects. It could be used for :

           Anal, Vaginal, Penis & Nipples Bleaching
           Lighten Dark Inner Thighs
           Whiten Dark Underarms & Armpits
           Brighten Elbows & Knees


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