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The Ideal Way to Ozonate Liquids and Natural Oils for:

> Antifungal Applications and Foot Baths,

> Healthier and Youthful-Looking Skin,

> Disinfection and Sanitation, oral Hygiene,

> And Healthy Hair and Scalp

What youll find in this package:

A) 1 Mini ozonator                          

B) 2 Ozonating Stones

a  A Large Round Stone: Typically used to Ozonate water

and to Ozonate liquid containers with large openings

A Smaller “Cylinder” Shaped Stone: Ideally used for

small necked containers and for Ozonating natural vegetable

oils, such as olive oil, safflower oil, etc for dermatological

needs and skin enhancement.

C) 2 Plastic Tubes to be affixed to the ozone output vent in order to Ozonate liquids.

D) 2 Mounting Screws — for wall mounting (not necessary)


How to use the Mini Ozonator

To turn ON the Ozonator, plug it into an outlet, which will make the working indicator light turn red. Then, turn the “Timer Dial” clockwise to the desired “working time”. You will hear the Ozonating engine turn on, the working indicator light should will change from red to green, and the ozone fragrance will start to be produced. At that time, you should attach the plastic tube to the Ozonating outlet. Remember that this Ozonator model produces a high quantity of ozone very rapidly and should not be used to ozonate the air or to deodorize a room except there is no persons in the room.

To turn OFF the Ozonator (before the desired time has expired), turn the “Timer Dial” counterclockwise to “ZERO” and the instrument will shut off. (You can also unplug the unit, but this is not recommended).

There are TWO basic ways to use this Ozonator:

1) To introduce ozone into water

2) To introduce ozone into an oil, such as olive oil—this is a long term procedure, which will be discussed later
    on in this booklet.

To Ozonate a liquid (such as water) or olive oil (for skin therapy):

Affix one of the clear plastic tubes to the end of ozone outlet (in the front of the Ozonator). Then select one of the Ozonating stones — usually it’s best to reserve the larger one for water and the smaller for Ozonating oils. Turn the machine on. Turn the timer dial clockwise to the desired working time. Place the Ozonating stone (already affixed to the tube) into the bottom of the container holding the liquid (such as a foot batch or large plastic cup if you’d like to Ozonate a large amount of water at one time, to be used for several tasks later on.). You can select the length of time according to the arrow on the button. If you want to turn off the machine in advance, you can just turn the arrow to OFF. Or, when the time has elapsed the machine will shut off by itself.

For Best (and Safest) Use Make Sure to Follow these Rules:

* When bubbling ozone into a liquid, always make sure that the Ozonator sits at a higher level than the liquid.
  This will prevent liquids from reflowing backwards into the instrument.

* Do not use the Ozonator in any room or place where the temperature exceeds 110F or 42C.

* Never use the Ozonator sitting on a wet area or in the presence of smoke or an open flame.

* Never cover up the vents. This could cut down air circulation.

* Never allow a Child to operate the Ozonator.

* Always make sure that the clear plastic tubes are straight and not bent.

* If, for any reason, you feel uncomfortable, dizzy, over-stimulated, or light-headed when using the Ozonator,
  turn the instrument off & unplug it.

* If the Ozonator is running and for any reason, the room becomes stuffy, open the window to avoid an overly
  high concentration of ozone in the room. Then, leave the room.

* It is completely normal for the plastic ozone emission pipe to turn white or yellow.

What is Ozone?

Ozone (03) is a completely natural, colorless gas with a distinct, fresh odor, similar to a day at the beach. When used properly (and our Ozonator was designed so that it can ONLY be used properly), it provides a wide range of benefits, as we will soon discuss. It is a natural molecule made up of 3 atoms of oxygen. In fact that “fresh, clean, spring rain” smell that we notice after a storm is nature’s gift to us. This is because ozone occurs quite readily in nature—most often as a result of lightning strikes that occur during thunderstorms—when the ultraviolet rays of the sun react with the Earth’s upper atmosphere, (which creates a protective ozone layer).

Now, with my clinically-tested Ozonator, the same beneficial ozone molecules can be created in the comfort of your own home.

Ozone is one of the most powerful sterilizing agents in the world! If that’s the case, why isn’t this concept (an ozonator) being marketed by all the “big boys”. Well, because Ozone has a very short “active” life, the large pharmaceutical companies have ignored its potency. (If you can’t bottle it, how are they going to sell it to you?). The truth is, you can’t bottle ozone or even Ozonated water (you can, however, created Ozonated oils.) But, you can now generate your own powerful ozone molecules in liquids or in oils at a fraction of the cost of Industrial Ozonators. And you’ll soon do it with the Mini Ozonator.

This next statement is amazing, but true: Ozone is five times more potent that molecular Chlorine in destroying germs, bacteria, and viruses. It doesn’t have a strong, over powering odor like Chlorine, yet it is so powerful, it actually kills those chlorine odors. Once generated, ozone is quite unstable, one of the three oxygen atoms eagerly splits off the molecule and attaches itself to any particle or pollutant with which it comes in contact. That single oxygen atom proceeds to “oxidize” that particle. As a result, the particle will no longer be toxic, and will no longer be able to reproduce, if it is biological. In other words, the toxic particle becomes completely harmless. When the single oxygen (O1) molecule oxidizes the particle, it too is destroyed. This leaves behind the O2, from which it split away, or pure clean oxygen. Over a period of 20-30 minutes, ozone breaks

down into two atoms of regular oxygen-by giving up one. Therefore you have about 30 minutes to derive benefit from a liquid that has been Ozonated. (Ozonated oils are a bit different because of density, specific gravity, and particular natural properties of some oils to become extremely dense during long-term Ozonating processes — More about that later.)

The Native Americans, for whom fishing was a central industry, recognized a correlation between a successful catch and a strange odor released by the action of lightning after an electric storm. On the other side of the globe the ancient Greeks also noticed the odor (and named it “ozein”) and like the Native Americans, preferred fishing after a storm, a practice which still takes place today. The explanation for this natural phenomenon is that after an electric storm the upper layer of water in lakes and rivers is enriched with diluted oxygen and therefore naturally Ozonated. Once this layer of water is Ozonated, harmful viruses responsible for many diseases in fish culture are destroyed, allowing for the healthier fish to be found in this upper layer of “healthier” ozone-rich water. This positive influence of ozone on the digestive system of different species of fish has been scientifically documented. Consequently, today’s “fish farming” uses ozone to keep the deadly toxins, viruses, and bacteria out of the water, thereby producing healthier “smarter” fish.

The most common use of ozone is for the treatment of water. In 1906, a group of scientists and doctors studied the ozonation system at the Oudshoorn plant in Holland and later constructed a 19,000 m3/day plant using ozonation for disinfection at Nice, France. Nice is therefore referred to as “the modern birthplace of the treatment of drinking water through ozonation. Today, over 2,000 cities around the world-including Montreal, Paris, Los Angeles, and Moscow-purify their drinking water with ozone.


Medical Applications of Ozone

However, ozone was not used medically until 1915, when it was found to be an effective disinfectant of wounds and skin diseases in Germany during the First World War.

As microscopy improved, it was later discovered that ozone has the ability to “blast” holes through the membranes of viruses, yeasts, bacteria and abnormal tissue cells, thereby killing them. Ozone was the focus of considerable research in Germany during the early part of the 20th Century where it was successfully used to treat patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disorders, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and chronic bacterial diarrhea.

Ozone is not just a very powerful oxidizing agent but also a very powerful nonchemical disinfectant. It has the unique feature of decomposing into a harmless,  nontoxic, environmentally safe material (commonly known as OXYGEN.)

In Europe, ozone is used for many purposes: taste and odor removal, elimination of abnormal colors in drinking water, and most commonly, bacterial disinfections and viral inactivation. Most of these applications are based on ozone’s high oxidizing power. In European water treatment practices, ozonation is recognized as a preferred method of virus inactivation rather than just an alternative to the use of chlorine for disinfection.

Over 90% of all diseases, including the common cold and the flu, are caused by water or airborne bacteria and viruses. Like chlorine, ozone kills microorganisms. The sterilization action of ozone is by “direct kill attack” and oxidation of the biological material. However, the rate of bacteria killed by Ozone is 3,500 faster than using chlorine. Virus destruction with ozone is instantaneous, safe and foolproof—after all, ozone is nature’s own purifier. It has properly been described as the “add-nothing” sterilizing agent.


Various Safe and Effective Ozone Therapies

1) Drinking or Rinsing with Ozonated Water: Ozonating water for a period of time (with this instrument, Ozonated for 10 minutes —then wait 5 minutes until you drink, rinse, or gargle with it). Ozone is about 10 times more soluble in water than oxygen. Used initially in dental surgery and most recently in the United Kingdom for a variety of in-office therapies, it improves the local oxygen supply and inhibits bacteria. Ozonated water is now being used in the treatment of periodontal disease.

2) Ozonate Liquid Therapies (Direct Contact): This process uses various liquids, besides water, as a “carrying” agent for the ozone, as it contacts the area needing to be disinfected.

• To disinfect toothbrushes, sponges, “dirty” (meaning possibly infected) surfaces in the kitchen or bath.

• One such treatment that has shown amazing promise is the ozonation of any of our TheraBreath Oral Rinse solutions (TheraBreath, TheraBreath PLUS PerioTherapy, and using Ozonated water to make AktivOxigen). Since these oral rinses are 97% purified water, why not BOOST the effectives of the largest component in the formula? (Most of you will not need to boost the potency of our current range of products, because they are sufficiently powerful and effective in their current status. However, there remains a small percentage of people who may benefit from this enhancement.)

• Another significant breakthrough is placing the Ozonating stone (more about that later) into a foot bath. By allowing odorous feet, toes infected with toenail fungus, or athlete’s foot to contact Ozonated water for at least 10 minutes, a remarkable result occurs—the problem starts to disappear!

3) Using Ozonated Oils for Topical Skin Therapy: When ozone is bubbled into olive oil (or safflower oil) for long periods of time, the oil eventually thickens, holding the ozone contained. When kept refrigerated, this gel will hold its ozone for years. Applied to the skin, it is beneficial for cuts, scrapes and burns, insect bites, rashes, eczema, herpes, etc., acting as a natural anti-oxidant. To use this instrument for that purpose (because the timer stops at 1/2 hour—you will need to re-set the machine every time after it shuts off. This is an important safety device and is built into the instrument. To achieve the minimum concentrations for an effective Ozonated oil, you will need to accumulate at least 24 total hours of ozonation of the oil.

4) Bacterial, Virucidal, and Fungicidal Action: Science has known that ozone kills and inhibits pathogens since the nineteenth century. Only a few micrograms per liter of ozone provide sufficient germ-killing action. It works even faster on viruses than bacteria, at lower dosages, and is not influenced by pH, temperature, and other nearby organic compounds. Different viruses have different susceptibility to destruction by ozone. For example, the polio virus is forty times more resistant than other viruses.


Various Uses of this Multi-functional Ozonator

1) Sterilize kitchen sponges (which you should technically throw out after each use to the sponge’s ability to harbor problematic bacteria). Simply soak your sponge in Ozonated water for 10 minutes once daily to control bacteria, mold mildew, and fungus.

2) Use it to deodorize dirty laundry (add a cup of Ozonated water to your washing machine).

3) After you’ve brushed your teeth, soak your used toothbrush in a paper cup full of pre-Ozonated water (at least 10 minutes) to ensure a clean, bacteria free toothbrush the next morning. This is a great way to make sure you are not re-infecting yourself with bad breath bacteria every morning.

4) Control bathroom mildew and bathroom smells, as well as disinfecting toilet flush handles, bathroom surfaces, etc (The kitchen and bathroom are the 2 dirtiest rooms in your house when it comes to infectious diseases.

5) Sanitize your bedding (use a spray bottle of Ozonated water to “lightly” spray your bedding in the morning)

6) Pet odors such as the litter box or urine damaged carpet. (To cleanse the carpet of stains, use a wash cloth which has been dipped in Ozonated water to remove the odors.)

7) Soak your dentures, night guards, orthodontic appliances, etc in Ozonated water for at least 10 minutes to kill any offending germs.

8) If you’ve come up with a USE that we haven’t listed, please let us know. We’ll be happy to share it with others.

For most of you, here is a very important tip to get the Best (and most effective use out of this instrument). To save time (and to cut down on stress and frustration), when you get up in the morning, it is very wise to create One, large volume of Ozonated water, which can then be used for multiple tasks.

For example, let’s say you want to do all of the following things after you wake up:

1) Wash your face and hands with Ozonated water

2) Sterilize your toothbrush, after brushing your teeth

3) Sterilize the kitchen sponges before you run off to work

Here is what you do:

Before you go to bed, the night before, fill a large container (2 quarts or even more) with tap water. Place the large Ozonating stone on the tubing and set the stone into the bottom of the water. When you wake up in the morning, turn on the Ozonator and let it run for at least 10 minutes. Then, pour the already-Ozonated water into smaller containers which can be used to:

• Wash your hands and face properly

• To sterilize your toothbrush (just stick your used toothbrush in a plastic or paper cup full of Ozonated water)

• Pour some of the water into a flat plastic tub and throw the sponges into the tub—and your off to work.

Multifunction uses of ozone

1. Many uses of ozone in daily life

2. Medical applications of ozone

3. Various safe and effective ozone therapies

More Uses (in detail):

Sterilizing Fruit, Vegetables:

Sterilizing the outer surface of fruits and vegetables with Ozonated water can remove farm chemicals, chemical fertilizer, kill exterior bacteria, and prolong storage periods 3-10 times longer.

Eliminate dangerous bacteria in meat and poultry:

Scientists also recommend washing the outer surface of meat, fish, and shrimp with Ozonated water to decompose leftover hormones and antibiotics, to get rid of bacteria and pathogenic worms, which will make the meat safe and fresh.  Dangerous E.Coli and Salmonella bacteria thrive in poorly refrigerated, frozen, and stored meat and poultry—sometimes leading to food poisoning, or worse! To make sure your meat and poultry is bacteria free, place the thawed meat in Ozonated water for 5-10 minutes. This simple procedure can restrict the reproduction of bacteria (and maintain the original natural taste of your beef, chicken, etc).

Cleaning dinnerware, kitchenware:

Ozonated water can efficiently kill surface bacteria and viruses and prevent the spread of diseases. (The kill rate for coliform bacteria—such as E. Coli, golden staphylococcus, and antigens on the surface of hepatitis B virus can reach the 100% rate!).

Sanitation and Healthcare:

In Europe and Asia, a home therapy has been developed, known as a “hot ozone water bath”. Here is how it’s done: Bubble ozone directly into a hot tub for 10 minutes. Then, bathe and relax for 20-30 minutes. Studies show that this kind of bath can increase blood oxygen levels and activate metabolism. It also addresses the healing of various skin diseases, and those health problems related to diabetes. For the high percentage of the public that cannot use deodorants (or finds them ineffective) this type of “hot ozone water bath” will finally provide the relief and freshness for which you’ve been searching.

Personal hygiene and Beauty Therapy for your skin:

Use Ozonated water to wash your hands and face, in order to moisten skin, and/or to prevent and cure skin diseases. It’s been shown to have very positive effects on skin diseases caused by inflammation—the most common cause of red, dry, scaly skin.

Foot washing with warm ozonated water


Washing clothes and bedding:

A Chinese study showed that by adding Ozonated water to your washing machine, one can enhance the cleansing power, thereby reducing detergent use by up to 60%. It also fights many of the harmful chemicals which remain in commercial soaps, after the product manufacturing process. This results in clothing much less irritating to the skin. It also can prevent any cross infection, especially in homes with small children or baby’s clothes. Some forward-thinking ap-pliance manufacturers are now researching and developing ozone washing machine, which can directly release a great deal of ozone bubbles into the machine as it runs. They know that ozone will obviously get rid of dirt, but it also eliminates peculiar smells that commercial detergents fail to destroy. And, because Ozone kills the destructive bacteria embedded in your dirty clothes, your clothes can last longer and you will wear them more comfortably.

Sterilizing your toothbrush.

Fact: Your toothbrush harbors millions of bacteria and over time many people end up reinfecting themselves day in and day out. Studies have shown that toothbrushes used by individuals with infectious diseases can easily pass on dangerous pathogens to family members by simply placing their freshly infected toothbrush adjacent to the toothbrush of a healthy family member and within minutes pathogens infect a formerly clean toothbrush. Moreover, specialists in the field of infectious diseases tell us that the absolute worst place to store your toothbrush is in the bathroom. The air in your bathroom contains a swirling mass of pathogens including coliform and fecal bacteria that can land on your toothbrush while you’re at work. If you brush before bedtime, you’ve given yourself a low-grade infection every night. The simplest method to overcome this infectious cycle is to create some Ozonated water for at least 5 minutes and simply drop your toothbrush into a glass of this disinfecting solution. Not only will this daily habit improve your health, it will also give your toothbrush added life by keeping it pristine.

Kid’s toys sterilizing

Room air cleaning

Fridge deodorizing

Garderobe deodorizing

Bathroom deodorizing and air treating

Household Cleaning and Infection Control (home fungus infections):

Use Ozonated water to mop your floors. Wipe down furniture, doors and windows to eliminate moldy bacteria, fungus infection (and prevention) and peculiar smells and to efficiently restrain the growth of bacteria. It can be used in the home as well as at work, especially in doctors’ offices, hospitals, nursing homes, child care centers, schools, (or anyplace where large numbers of people gather—to prevent cross infection through vigorous, new “strange” pathogens). In fact, running the ozonator for 5 minutes after cooking, where frying, broiling, or any type of smoke is involved is a good idea. This is because ozone can oxidize carbon monoxide, nitrogen monoxide and harmful gasses that are created during cooking.

Treating canker sores and other sensitive oral areas.

Run the Ozonator in water for 5 minutes, then rinse and/or gargle.

Treating and preventing skin diseases (i.e. Athlete’s foot and Toe Nail Fungus):

Bathe or soak affected skin area for 15 minutes with water that has been Ozonated for at least 15 minutes.

Aquarium Usage:

To prevent and treat fish diseases by eliminating the bacteria,heavy metal ions, various organic compounds, impurities and to add oxygen to the water, thereby improving fish metabolism. Run Ozonating tube into aquarium for 5 minutes twice daily.

To sterilize and disinfect sponges, baby’s bottles and other food utensils:

(Most health officials now recommend that YOU throw away your kitchen sponges after each use! - Now you won’t have to!) Soak sponges, forks, bowls, chopsticks, baby milk bottles, etc. for 10 minutes in water which has been Ozonated for 10 minutes.

Purifying drinking water:

Ozone eliminates the bacteria, heavy metal ions, various organic impurities, while it makes drinking water crystal clear and transparent. Running time: 10 mins

Cooking Rice:

Using Ozone water to wash rice can make the rice tasty and sweet. Running time: 10 mins
Using ozone water to soak and cook rice can remove the moldy smell and make the rice much more tasty.

For those people who may need to drink an Ozonated liquid solution:

To achieve a satisfactory level of Ozonated water or any Ozonated liquid, allow the instrument to run for 5-7 minutes as it bubbles ozone into between 6 to 8 ounces of liquid. After the allotted time, wait an additional 10 minutes after the instrument has stopped before swallowing the Ozonated liquid. This will always ensure a safe and effective concentration of ozone in the solution between 0.01-0.05 ppm, which equals the quantity of ozone in the nature.

When Ozonating water, one does not need to always used bottled or distilled water. One can also use tap or mineral water, since the Ozonating action will cleanse the water thoroughly of any impurities The Ozonating stones should be placed at the deepest part of the water during water ozonation. For best results, the water depth of any liquid to be Ozonated must be at least 6 inches deep. Always make sure that the power is OFF during any maintenance or when not in use.

To make any TheraBreath oral rinse (including AktivOxigen Solution) even “stronger”:

Since the largest component of our oral rinse formulas are water, why not increase the power of that component? Simply place the Ozonating stone (the thin cylinder fits directly into the bottle) and run the Ozonator for 5 minutes. Make sure to cap the bottle tightly after doing so to keep the ozone in solution longer.


Scientific Studies

Ozonetherapy in Out-Patient Dermatological Practice-A review of a long term Scientific Study on 350 Patients. Sergei L. Krivatkin, Alexander L. Gromov, Elena V. Krivatkina, Sormovo Interdistrict Dermatovenereological Dispensary iNizkny Novgorod, Russia, 1995.

Ozonetherapy has been used successfully in out-patient dermatological practices for many years. Therapeutic results of ozonetherapy in acne, alopecia, drug eruptions, eczema, herpes, neurodermitis, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, scleroderma, tinea pedis, venous leg ulcers, and other related conditions were demonstrated. It is estimated that based on the results of this study, ozonetherapy is an effective, safe, inexpensive, and easy to use therapy for a wide variety of dermatological conditions.

Dermatology differs from other clinical disciplines by its various capabilities of observing diseases (about 2000 dermatoses). Including in this large number of conditions is a considerable percentage of chronic diseases which happen to have an unfortunately low rate of effective therapeutical approaches. Naturally, the search of new promising curative directions is of great importance. Taking into consideration the broad spectrum of ozone interactions in the human body (bactericidal, fungicidal, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, immunocorrective, microcirculation stimulating, Detoxicating, wound healing, etc.) and the positive experience of ozonetherapy (OT) application in very different fields of medicine, we decided to use it in our out-patient dermatological practice, having some theoretical basis and proposing to receive the positive therapeutical results in concrete dermatoses.

A total of 350 patients suffering from acne and rosacea (n=60) alopecia (17), drug eruptions(3), eczema (52), herpes (70), lichen planus (14), neurodermitis (22), prurigo (2), psoriasis(27), and psoriatic arthritis (8), pyoderma (47), scleroderma (4), tinea pedis (15) and venous leg ulcers (10) were included in this study. A variety of ozone therapies were used, including ozonized olive oil and water. As usual OT was carried out as the only therapeutical method or in combination with very simple external routine medicines. The only exceptions were in cases of neurodermitis, prurigo and psoriatic arthritis where considerations of special internal treatments were added. As a source of O2/O3 mixture of home ozonizer was used (concentration of 03 was between 7-20 mcg/ml). Laboratory control was realized by means of available bacteriological, biochemical, clinical, immunological, and x-ray examinations.


A Nine Year Dermatological Study on The Benefits of Ozonated Oils In Medicine L. Falcon, D. Simon, S. Menendez(1), S. Moya, E. Garbayo, W. Diaz(1)., Dr. Carlos J. Finlay Military Hospital, Cuba. 1-Ozone Research Center, Cuba. Source: 2nd International Symposium on Ozone Applications-Havana, Cuba-March 24-26, 1997.

Summary: The ozonized oils of vegetable sources constitute an appropriate method for the local therapy of several diseases. The interaction of ozone with these oils produce a mixture of chemical compounds (ozonides and peroxides) with a great germicide power. The results of topical applications of ozonized oil in dermatological diseases of viral, fungal, and bacterial origin, during 9 years of study, were presented. Among the diseases of bacterial origin (for example, pyoderma), 600 patients were treated, obtaining a healing criterion of 87%. In cases of mycotic diseases (for example, epidermophystosis, onychomycosis, etc), 1000 patients received the treatment, with a healing rate the relapses disappeared. The researchers reported no side effects during this study.


Influence of Ozone Treatment in Sports Medicine, J.Jakl MD, Sports Medicine, A-1150, Wien, Austria-Akkonpl.10/15-1995.

Summary: According to the well known effects of ozone treatment and its influence on fatty acids in the erytocytic membrane as well as in 2,3 DPG, we took interest in possible side effects in endurance tests. 30 sports students had to undertake bicycle ergometrics as vita maxima tests.

Aerobic and anaeorobic threshold, heartrate O2 utilization and lactatkinetic were compared before and after different ozone treatments such as intramuscular application, IV 03 blood treatment and rectal insufflation. Especially in the IV blood treatment and in the rectal insufflation group aerobic performance was improved, when no influence on anaerobic workout in lactate concentration over 4 mmol/1showed up. Those effects and the relative economization in aerobic training seems to base on ozone effects in intracellular metabolism as well as a better utilization of free fatty acids.

Especially endurance sports and athletes who need a high level of 02 turn over could probably take some profit of ozone treatment without side effects that could occur with other therapies. In general it showed up, that the positive influence in very well trained person was less then in those who had lower endurance levels. That probably depends on the just optimized intracellular metabolism which develops after several years of training.


Oxygen-Ozone Therapy and Physical Activity in Humans, Riva Sanseverino E., Castellacci P., Institute of Human Physiology, University of Bologna-Bologna, Italy.-1995

Abstract: On the basis of the circulatory and biochemical positive effects of the oxygenozone therapy, a study was programmed in order to check if physical activity in humans is improved by treatment with medical ozone administered by means of the major autohemaoinfusion (AHT). Preliminary observations indicate that physical activity, performed 12-24 hours after one or several administrations of medical ozone, is improved by 8-12%. Long term performances for a better effectiveness are in progress.



* The first ozone generators were developed by Werner von Siemens in Germany in 1857, while 1870 saw the first report that ozone was being used therapeutically to purify bloods by C. Lender in Germany.

* In October of 1893, the world’s first water treatment plant using ozone was installed in Ousbaden, Holland, and today there are over 3,000 municipalities around the world using ozone to clean their water and sewage.

* In 1902, J.H. Clarke’s “A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica”, London describes the successful use of Ozonated water in treating anemia, diabetes, influenza, morphine poisoning, canker sores, strychnine poisoning, and whooping cough.

* During World War I, ozone was used to treat wounds, trench foot, gangrene and the effects of poison gas. In 1915, Dr. Albert Wolff used ozone for decubitis ulcers

* In 1926, Dr. Otto Warburg of the Kaiser Institute in Berlin announced that the cause of cancer is lack of oxygen at the cellular level. He received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1931 and again in 1944, the only person to ever receive two Nobel Prizes for Medicine. He was also nominated for a third.

* In 1929, a book called “Ozone and Its Therapeutic Action” was published in the U.S. listing 114 diseases and how to treat them with ozone. Its authors were the heads of all the leading American hospitals.

* The Swiss dentist E.A. Fisch was using ozone in dentistry before 1932, and introduced it to the German surgeon Erwin Payr who used from that time forward.

* In 1933, the American Medical Association, headed up by Dr. Simmons set out to destroy all medical treatments that were competitive to drug therapy. The suppression of ozone therapy began then, and it continues in the US to this day.

* In 1953, German doctor Hans Wolff started using ozone in his practice and wrote the book “Medical Ozone,” while training many doctors in ozone therapy.

* In 1957, Dr. J. Hansler patented an ozone generator which has formed the basis of the German revival of ozone therapy over the last 35 years.

* In 1987, Dr. Rilling and Dr. Viebahn published “The Use of Ozone in Medicine”, the standard text on the subject.

* In 1990, Cuban physicians reported on their success in using Ozone for the treatment of glaucoma, conjunctivitis, and retinitis pigmentosa.

* In 1992, Russian Medical Doctors revealed their techniques bubbling ozone into brine to treat burn victims with astounding results.

* Today, after 125 years of usage, ozone therapy is recognized modality in sixteen nations.


Problem Solving:

If you find that the output of ozone coming from the Ozonating stone has decreased or is non-existent in normal operation. Please check:

a) If the plastic tubing is broken or folded, please change the plastic tubing or arrange it to make it pass ozone normally.

b) If the air stone is blocked, please change to another one.

c) If none of the situations above appear to be the problem, call (323) 993-8320 and we will attempt to help you. In some cases, the instrument may need to be returned to our laboratory for repairs.


Warning: This is an electrical instrument—It is not a toy. Do not let children use this machine at any time. When not in use, make sure it is put away safely so that children do not have access to it. (This applies to ANY electrical instrument!)

This machine uses high voltage. Never dismantle this machine, and never open the outer cover by yourself.

When you clean off the outside of the machine, first pull out the plug. Then, use a soft dry cloth to wipe it down.

Do not let any liquids contact the instrument directly while it runs. This applies to rain or water spray.

Do not store the machine in a high or damp place.


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