Describes By : Dr. Francis Low



Heart and Blood Vessel Diseases

Peripheral vascular disease (poor circulation)

Cerebral vascular disease (stroke and memory loss)

Cardiovascular disease (heart disease)

Coronary spasm (angina)

Cardioconversion (heart stopped)

Cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat)

Gangrene (of fingers and toes)

Raynaud's disease ("white finger")

Temporal arteritis (inflammation of the temporal artery)

Vascular and cluster headach

Pulmonary Diseases

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease



Bronchiectasis (dilatation of bronchus or bronchi)

Pneumocystis carinii (PCP or AIDS-related pneumonia)

Chronic bronchitis

Infectious Diseases


Herpes zoster (shingles)

Herpes simplex (fever blister)

Systemic chronic candidiasis (candida)

Epstein-Barr virus (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

HIV-related infections

Acute and chronic viral infections

Chronic unresponsive bacterial infections

Parasitic infections

Immune Disorders

Multiple sclerosis

Rheumatoid arthritis

Diabetes mellitus Type II

Hypersensitive reactions (environmental and universal reactors)

Other Diseases

Parkinson's Disease

Alzheimer's Disease

Migraine headaches

Chronic pain syndromes (due to multiple causes)

Pain of metastatic carcinoma

Cancers of the blood and lymph nodes 4

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